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Flight Rising


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characters i currently care about in twdg that arent dead:

  1. clem
  2. mike
  3. bonnie
  4. the raccoon family


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I have money and I want some commissions, name me some WoW artists who are OPEN and WILL ACTUALLY ANSWER MY INQUIRY and can draw males. Please?

Today’s other project: bio sheets for my billions of characters. Ideally I should make a nice pretty template so I can print them out and put into a notebook but I’m not good with graphic design.

Also starting Walking Dead episode 4 now!

Edit - Dammit this game lol.

[Story] The Ghostclaw - Winterspring

I was so worried about getting everything just right. It sure didn’t help that Gael decided to go missing the day before. 

[[ Read the rest here: https://dancinghare.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/story-the-ghostclaw-winterspring/ ]]


A sketchy painting of Morrigan from Dragon Age.  I think this version turned out too light, because you can’t see the dragon in the background.


A sketchy painting of Morrigan from Dragon Age.  I think this version turned out too light, because you can’t see the dragon in the background.

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These beautiful moths and butterflies look like they’re ready to flutter up and away, but they won’t be doing so because they’re wonderful textile sculptures painstakingly created by North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita. She sews, embroiders and stitches all sorts of multi-colored fabrics to create these oversized insects, which measure nearly a foot wide. She also adds painted details along with feathers and artificial fur. With great care Okita has achieved an awesome balance between astonishing realism and fanciful invention.

Click here to view more of Yumi Okita’s gorgeous textile insect sculptures.

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Leliana, as we see her throughout the years.

Originals are available at my artfire store

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